Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Are you ready to plan your Wedding Ceremony?

When I meet with couples to discuss officiating their ceremony, we often talk about a lot more than just the ceremony script and the vows that they’ll be sharing. We cover who are included in the bridal party, how processional is normally organized, what music will be played when, and a wide variety of other topics. We don’t normally cover the initial planning decisions because many of those have already been made by the time couple’s remember that they need someone to actually marry them!

We normally use two diagrams — the processional order and the bridal party makeup — during the meeting and these diagrams are extremely valuable in making sure that nothing falls in a crack.

A softcover print version of “Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony”

An e-book version of “Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony”









This short book, available in softcover printed version for $9.95 and electronic e-book version for only $2.99, covers both the early decisions couples need to make early on when doing there initial planning — headcount, venue, season, and budget — and the “officiant related” things that I cover with them during my up-front in-person meetings, including the two diagrams.

This book will help you with your initial wedding planning decisions and your detailed wedding ceremony questions. Learn the first things to consider in your overall planning efforts and how the processional and bridal party fit into those plans. You’ll also find information on the ceremony elements and order so that you can work with your officiant and other vendors to create a ceremony that meets all of your needs, wants, and desires. If you are a bride or groom to be, you’ll love this book!

You’ll save much more than the purchase price of this book using just the first chapter!

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